Coastal Bar Stool Ideas

Do you want to change something in your house and have that summer atmosphere for years? In our opinion these coastal bar stools are the best in the Internet! We have described them and we want to present you them now.

Rattan barstool with cushionThis stool has been constructed from fancy-looking rattan poles. Your kitchen, living room or bar – the limit of places where you could use this stool doesn’t exist! The unique nature of the stool makes it easy to fit into many color schemes and decors of your home. The cushioned seat of the stool is upholstered in durable fabric. Every piece of this product is hand-made, which means that it is perfectly detailed and pampered. This product can resist weight up to 200lbs. A one year warranty has been included. 

Natural Bliss Swivel Bar StoolFill your house with the air of summer with this high-end piece of furniture. Luxurious yet affordable, this eco-friendly stool will catch your eye with its saddle seat which has been crafted of coconut shells. You won’t be disappointed with the durability of the stool – the construction has been made of durable wood and the four stretchers between the legs ensure stability and serve as footrests. This stool measures at 30” in height by 17″ in width and 17″ in diameter, weighing 22lbs. This product features a 360 degree swivel for your convenience. It will arrive assembled.

Polynesian Swivel Bar StoolThis seat resembles the thrones of African kings – so be the king of your house with this excellent piece! The seat of this stool is foam-filled and is upholstered in cotton/polyester. The cushion of the seat is detachable and the backing is made of bamboo, and the frame is crafted of rattan. The stool is entirely hand-made – you can rest assured that you will get a unique and exceptional finish for your coastal home look. The legs of the stool are connected with a full-ring footrest, which has been included for added comfort. This product’s dimensions are: 45″ in height by 23″ in width and 22″ in diameter. The overall product weight is 22lbs. Assembly required. This product has a one year warranty.

Rattan Coastal Bar StoolAdd a touch of summer with our coastal stool. This interesting piece has its frame made of wicker/rattan. The full back has a palm tree fused into a ring located in the center of the back of the seat. The arms of the stool have rounded edges for additional comfort. The cushioned seat is upholstered in cotton/polyester and is unbelievably soft. The stool has the following dimensions: 44″ in height by 24″ in width and 21″ in diameter. The weight of this stool is 25lbs. The limit of weight is 200lbs. The seat of this product can rotate to 360 degree. A full-ring footrest has been included.

Coastal Cottage Sand Dollar Bar StoolA fresh breeze of the ocean, the loud scream of tropical birds, the sound of water splashing on the ship’s sides and a quiet, captain’s room… Does it sound appealing? Now you can transform your living space into a real ship’s cabin with this coastal stool. It has a saddle seat which has an arched surface for your best comfort and is constructed from hardwood veneers. The stool is available in four color combinations which include gentle, pastel colors. The stool measures at 25.13″ in height by 19.5″ in width and 13.38″ in diameter.

Full Back Counter Stool with CushionThe full back of this stool’s seat has a spider web pattern which will win your heart if you are looking for a coastal piece of furniture to complement the decor of your household. The cushioned seat is upholstered in cotton/polyester and available in many colors, and it features a 360 degree swivel. The whole rattan construction of this piece is hand-made – it makes the stool very original. This product measures at 36″ in height by 21″ in width and 21″ in diameter, weighing 22lbs. Assembly required. A one year warranty has been included.

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